Andreea Foanene

About me

My artwork is the voice of the view that I express upon the cultural, political, social and economic issues in Eastern Europe.

I am inspired by the structures of the Romanian contemporary society, by the way that the modernity interacts with the tradition, by the presence of kitsch in our everyday life. I believe that the use of visual symbols of power can give history a new course.

As I am interested in strategies used by the society in order to create and re-create, I pay attention to the little objects present in our daily lives. In this key of understanding, I use in my works the image of puppets, toys or household artifacts. I believe that, ounce integrated in the art discourse, objects have the power to express much more than the functional story behind their cohabitation with the human being.

Being passionate by the historical role of art, I understand the conceptual dialogue between artists using similar ideas or techniques. 

As the subject of each work matter and interconnects the pieces in a body of work, I offer my time and my fully attention to the research period of my artworks. I consider important to integrate into my artworks the results of my active research coming from the field of social or political sciences, art history, music or medicine. The use of drawing techniques or other perspectival and active creative skills represent an anatomical part of my work.

I use a variety of techniques, as: painting, photography, textile collage, assemblage, drawing or performance. 

I believe in the curative role of the contemporary art, in its critical attitude, in its social effects. 

Active research and production are the new areas of interest are leading me to the next body of work.