Andreea Foanene

Visual artist, cultural theoretician and art curator, Andreea Foanene, PhD in Visual Arts (2016)graduated a bilingual Master in European Cultural Politics (2009) at the West University in Timişoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, where she has started her artistic education, majoring Painting (2007) and History of Art (2013). Between 2010-2017 she has contributed in art history-theory seminars and courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Timișoara, under the coordination of the art historians Alexandra Titu, Constantin Prut and Ileana Pintilie. Since 2017 she is a museographer and an art curator at the National Art Museum in Timișoara.

Andreea Foanene is living and working in Timișoara, Romania. 

Since 2007 she has wrote numerous studies and articles on subjects that regard the modern and contemporary art in Romania, Central-Europe and the Balkans cultural spaces, published in theoretical platforms as: Revista Arta; Observator Cultural; Orizzonti Culturali Italo-Romeni; Dilema Veche; Revista Contrapunct;  Levure Litteraire;  and took part, as a co-author in theoretic editorial projects, as: Tradiţie şi Postmodernitate, 200 de ani de artă plastică în Banat (2012); Un secol de sculptură românească (2014) (a romanian sculpture encyclopedia); Observator de Politici Culturale (2015); Patrimonium Banaticum (2016); etc.

Her recent curated exhibitions include: Jocul cu hazardul: Romul NUȚIU. O retrospectivă/ Playing hazard: Romul NUȚIU. A retrospective (2023); Întoarcerea prodigioasă. Prodigious return. Oskar Szuhanek (2022); Restituirea unei generații (2019); Woman, all too woman (2018). Her recent co-curated exhibitions include: Paul Neagu. O retrospectivă (2022-2023); Complice des poètes–Gravuri și litografii JACQUES HÉROLD în ediții bibliofile (2022); Balkan Art Festival (2019 and 20121), etc.

As a visual artist, Andreea Foanene has exhibited with the occasion of numerous personal solo-shows and participated in over 60 collective and group exhibitions in galleries in Romania and Europe.

A selection of the personal exhibitions include: „Second Skin”, 2021; 28Gallery, Timișoara (curator Maria Pașc), „Lactacion”,2021; online solo show (curator Maria Orosan); „Pupetissima”, 2010, Administrative Pallace, Timișoara; „Refugee”, 2010, Heidelberg, Germany; „Reinhabiting  childhood”, 2009, Calina Gallery, Timișoara, (curator Alexandra Titu), etc.

Andreea Foanene is active in both public and private cultural sector, as a Museum Curator at the Timișoara's National Art Museum and always involved in new, fresh and innovative projects along with local, national and international cultural structuresm as museums, private collections or  art foundations.