Andreea Foanene

Artist and art theoretician, Andreea Foanene, PhD in Visual Arts (2016)graduated a bilingual Master in European Cultural Politics (2009) at the West University in Timişoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, where she has started her artistic education, majoring Painting (2007) and History of Art (2013).  

During her PhD studies, she has taught art history and art theory seminars at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Timișoara, under the coordination of art historians Alexandra Titu and Ileana Pintilie.  

Between 2007 and 2018 she had consistent collaborations with cultural associations and art foundations, as: Asociația Culturală Kratima, Fundația Culturală First, Fundația Culturală META, Casa Artelor Timiș, Asociația Baroque Urban and others.

As a curator, she coordinated projects dedicated to young artists, as: the exhibition Poartă Artă (2015) at Calpe Gallery, Timișoara or the international exhibition Fructele Copacului Dorințelor/ The Fruits of the Wish Tree (2011) presented at the Administrative Palace in Timisoara and at the National Art Museum in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Andreea Foanene organized two editions (2011 and 2012) of theYoung Artists’ Salon, Modernity, Innovation, Experiment. In 2008- 2009, Andreea Foanene, Sorin Oncu and Alina Belințan created and implemented the project Carte Blanche. This curatorial project resulted in 3 exhibitions dedicated to young artists hoasted by the French Institute in Timișoara (French Cultural Centre Timişoara back in 2009).

During 2009, Andreea followed a curator internship offered by the French Cultural Institute in Timişoara. 

As an artist, she presented her works in personal exhibitions: File de pictură (2013), C.R.A.F.T Timişoara; Prospecţii iconice (2012), Gyula, Hungary; Sublimarea spaţiului în pictură, (2011) The French Institute from Timisoara; Recalling-Arhitecture and Dynamics of Light, (2010) Budapest;Refugien (2010), Heidelberg, Germany; Proiecte de ieri şi de azi (2010); Pupettissima (2009), Administrating Palace from Timisoara; Relocuirea copilăriei (2009) at Calina Gallery in Timisoara. She participated in more than 50 group exhibitions.  

Andreea Foanene participated at art residences offered by the Art and Design Faculty from Timişoara: in Gărâna in 2005, in Desfina, Fokida, Greece, in 2004 and 2005, and in 2009 she took part to the artproject  Hayata Dokun in Bergama, Turkey. During her studies, Andreea spent one year as an Erasmus student at the École Supérieure d’art de Lorraine, in Metz. She returned to France as a residence artist, on the Loire Valley, in 2012, at Trousse Barrière Castel, in Briare le Canal and in 2014, in Saint Cyr sur Loire, Tours.

În 2010 Andreea Foanene recieved the prize Pro Cultura Timisiensis Certitudini.

Since 2007, Andreea Foanene has published more than 130 articles and critical texts in artistic and cultural journals and she took part, as a co-author in important theoretic projects, as: Patrimonium Banaticum (2016), Observator de Politici Culturale (2015), the online encyclopedia Un secol de sculptură românească (2014), the volume Tradiţie şi Postmodernitate, 200 de ani de artă plastică în Banat (2012) and others.

In 2016 Andreea published her first author book, with the title Ipostaze ale lui Artist Ludens în Arta Modernă.

She traveled and find her inspiration in countries as: Belgium, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Metohia, Serbia, Turkey and Hungary. 

Andreea Foanene lives and works in Timişoara, Romania and shares her time between her personal artistic creation and her theoretical vocation.